In addition to wine and liquor, the Wine Cellar offers a selection of frizzy and natural water, low and high in mineral content. The Italians Levissima, Rocchetta, and Surgiva, the last one in its own typical glass; Ty Nant from Wales in an elegant red and blue bottle, and the French Perrier, famous natural water enriched with Gas. There’s also a good assortment of Italian and foreign beer. Different brands like Peroni, Moretti, the nonalcoholic Buckler, Adelscott, Corona Extra, Budweiser and the rare Manabrea, light ale, amber-coloured and high in malt content. And finally Coca Cola and Orangeade in different bottle sizes, fruit juice, syrups, nonalcoholic aperitifs, tonic water, soda, and ginger ale…


On the store’s central column’s shelves, you can find a wide assortment of extra virgin olive oil. The savoury and structured oil from Apulia, Tuscany, Abruzzo, and Latium; refined oil from Liguria and Garda’s zone, and other aromatized and spicy oil in original bottles. You can also find different kinds of vinegar from several regions and different vines, balsamic and classic (aged 12 and 25 years), apple vinegar and the ones tasting of truffle, red pepper with bilberry, raspberry, etc.. A special mention for the oil from Sabina, one of the best region for the olives’ growth, where Marchetti’s and San Michele’s farms produce oil with velvety and harmonic taste.


Since September ’97 “Buccone Wine Cellar” offers a new service, actually it also works as a restaurant. In addition to first and second courses which change in accordance to days and seasons (pasta, spelt soup, and the typical “Brecciata”), you can find a wide assortment of smoked fish as sword-fish, tuna, mackerel, and salmon. Besides specialized food like “Fantasy Rolls”, delicious salads, “bufala mozzarella” with “Bottarga”, roast sucking-pig from Ariccia, and salt pork and cheese dishes with Paté croutons. Naturally you can match all these choice dishes with wines. The wines are available in a list and sold in glasses. And in the end good desserts like cakes, jam tarts, tozzetti, little home made ring-shaped cakes, and Babà with Rhum and Limoncello.


In the Wine Cellar there’s a corner where you can find specialized food, whether sweet or salty… About specialized sweet food, we recommend : “Sacripante”, antique Genoese recipe, almost lost now, “Bisciola of Valtellina, the Venice’s “Baicoli”, the historic “Gubana” of Fiuli, “Parrozzo” of Abruzzo, a typical Sicilian sweets with almonds and pistachio, dried fruits baskets, jam and honey (among which the rare sour honey of “Corbezzolo”), different kinds of high quality chocolate (tasting of red pepper, tequila, vanilla,…), and other kinds of Italian sweets.

About salty food, in addition to the famous French duck’s and goose’s paté liver, even truffled, we have an interesting offer of Italian specialized food, like very new deer’s, kangaroos’, wild boar’s paté, “’Nduia”( Calabrese paté made of pork meet and red pepper), grilled vegetables in oil, fruit sauces with different kinds of cheese, the famous Tuscan Canapé, the Campofilone’s fresh pasta and its speed cooking, colored pasta in many flavors and smart shapes, good tomatoes and dried mushrooms, crisp “taralli” of Andria, rare “Bibanesi” of Treviso, original “Penne all’arrabbiata” with powder of red pepper, and other gastronomic and rare food.


Thanks to the emerging interest for this product sector, today we have a big supply, and so a big demand, for objects about wine tasting and conservation. In our shop-windows you’ll find the classic onion-shaped Decanter (according to the experts one of the best shape to oxygenate red wine), and special glasses created for different kinds of wine. Besides different designs of open-winers: the most manageable good to work with, and the rare ones effective as well. And then little air-pumps for a better conservation of wine, different sizes of drip-catchers, special wine thermometers, elegant wine and champagne coolers, refined silver-plated stoppers. There are also wood kits containing different accessories that can be an original idea for a present, and a barman objects selection.


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