“ Once it was Marquesses Cavalcabò’s coach-house, then a tavern and since 1969 it has been changed into a wine cellar.
It was the first in Rome that poured out high quality wines, among which the famous Picolit, since 1980, after Mr. Domenico Buccone’s death, Maddalena, Domenico’s wife, enriched the service by adding specialized food, pasta, honey, jam.

Most of the store’s furnishings are from the beginning of the last century, like the inlaid wooden counters with marble tops, the high wooden set of shelves full of wine bottles,   liquors and food, and supported by columns, or the brick arches and the four big wrought iron chandeliers.
On the walls there are prints and paintings about wine culture, and several antique mirrors making the store warm and attractive.

There’s even a collection of Fernet Branca medals donated by the last store manager to celebrate the new century and today it’s a remarkable relic.
Since ’97, thanks to Maddalena’s sons Vincenzo and Francesco, the wine cellar became also a lunch time restaurant , and on Friday and Saturday it’s possible to have dinner too.

The Buccone store joins “the Wine-sellers’ Art association” Rome, and “Vinarius national association” too, where Vincenzo is a councilor.
Over the years the store has been the location for several movies among which “Paolo Il Caldo” and “Metello” made by M.Bolognini”.

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