Our staff offers an house to house service , not only during feasts of obligation or holidays, but all the year. And, if it’s possible, we deliver the goods the same day of your request. We have to state that the Wine Cellar deliver goods all over Italy, Europe and all over the world by reliable forwarding agents.


Since 1969 Mr. Domenico Buccone, dead young, started to sell rare wine and champagne in Rome, served with Grana Cheese, canapé and quail hard-boiled eggs, in a familiar and traditional environment. At present time his sons, Vincenzo and Francesco, go on with this tradition, and in addition to the service behind the counter , you can enjoy a postmeridian tasting service placed in small room where you can drink a good glass of wine and eat specialized food, or a cup of tea and cappuccino with cakes if you prefer.


Vincenzo and Francesco Buccone, with the help of Vincenzo Gorini, Store Manager, have managed a special service for groups of people to let know the culture and the pleasure to taste a good glass of wine or sparkling wine. This special service is to be booked one week in advanced at least. We host the groups in a charming part of the store furnished with high wooden shelves, and then you can find a dining table attended with full details. The guide, after an introduction about the farms, starts to show visual, olfactory and gustative wine’s peculiarities, and then the tasting go on with specialized food like Grana, Italian olives, canapé with patè, and the rare Bibanesi.. The Guests can ask for informations, curiosities, and they can also give their opinions on wines… Everything done in serene and familiar environment. Besides, for the guests loving sweet wines (Natural and Passito), there’s also the chance to manage the same tasting service, this time with a different kind of specialized food: wine ring-shaped cakes, Tozzetti, and Mignon.

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