About this kind of liquor, obtained from a mix of aromatic and medical herbs, the Wine Cellar offers an interesting proposal: traditional products like “Averna”, “Lucano”, “Montenegro”…, or special products like “Sibilla”, from the historic Varnelli firm, “Nonino”, with its lovable taste, “L’Amaro Dei Papi”, made in Viterbo’s province, “The Truffled Bitter”, “Jannamico” of Abruzzo very appreciated abroad, “Negroni”, obtained from red Chicory, and in the end the famous “China Martini” and the historic “Baliva”.


You can find particular and delicious liquors: the Plain Chocolate tasting of red pepper, the pure Licorice of Calabria, the “Alpestre”, the herbs’ distillate without sugar made in Piedmont, the “Corfinio” of Abruzzo, the rare “Brumel”, maron glacé’s cream, the Emilian “Sassolino Stampa”, the “Centerba Toro’s” different versions, the typical “Sakè”, the “Coca Buton’s” particular and pleasant aroma which origin is from Peruvian coca. The coca’s molecule is eliminated by distillation, leaving only the natural characteristics that, according to the legend, gave extraordinary endurance to the Inca’s messengers. And the “kapriol”, distilled with juniper berries and Alpine herbs. The absinth deserves a particular quotation. It’s extracted from Alpine Artemisia Absinthium, an inspiring drink for artists and intellectuals in the of the nineteenth century, also called “the green fairy” for its inebriant powers. To exalt absinth taste, we suggest to add a lump of sugar placed on the proper riddled spatula and to have it dissolved by cold water.


The Wine Cellar offers a wide assortment of Scottish whisky, traditional and peaty, young and aged. We recommend: “Wilson & Morgan”, rare whisky qualities selectors, whisky ripened in different kinds of butts (Rhum, Porto, Sherry…), Glenmoragie, Oban, Lagavulin, Talisker, Glenfiddich, end Glenlivet. Besides the store offers American whisky, and Bourbon with a soft taste like “Grand –Dad” and “Crown –Royal”, packed in a fancy velvet bag. And more brands like “Jim Beam”, the Jack Daniel’s single bar also in the magnum size, “Canadian Club”, and Tullemore, Bushmills and Dew from Ireland, in different aged versions.


In our store it’s also possible to find an interesting assortment of distillates in particular loved by young costumers: Rhum, Cachaça and Tequila. The Rhum takes the lion share for sure, actually we have a wide choice of brands from several different countries. The well known “Havana Club” and “Bacardi”, the various “Demerara”, “Martinique Agricole”, and the Haitian “Barbancourt, “Guadaloupe 15 y Damoiseau Cuveè de Millenaire. And so “Extra Old Mount Gray”, “Gran Riserva Mathusalem, and Austrian “Stroh 80”. The famous Brazilian Cachaça, rawer and more aromatic than Rhum (basic ingredient for “Caipirinha”), is well represented by “Velho Barreiro” and “Nega Fulo”. The Tequila, historic Mexican drink obtained by the fermentation of Agave leafs, is present with the brands “ Sauza Tequila Blanco”, “Anejo Conmemorativo”, “Jose Cuervo Tradicional Reposado”, “Jose Cuervo Especial Reposado, and others.


On the old set of shelves, with the good Italian brandies (“Nonino”, “Segnana”, “Zeni”, “Poli”…), we have “Kirsch Detting (cl. 50) obtained from an accurate selection of Swiss cherries; and so “Le Liquer de Poire William” of G. Miclo cl. 70; the famous “Barrack Palinka”, a well-known distillate of Hungarian apricots characterized by a lovable aftertaste; and the last one, but not the less famous “Calvados”, an apples’ distillate produced in France by the “Maison Boulard”, “Morin” and “Pere Magloire”. We have different brands of Calvados, and 2 in particular: the “Pays d’Auge 1983” of the “Maison Drouin” cl. 70 in its original bottle and wood casket, and the “Calvados Ages 20 ans Pere Maglore cl. 50.


There are also good representatives of our classic distillates: “Grappa”. From the pioneer “Nonino” for quality and image with its first mono vines ( the “Picolit”), to the emerging Piedmontese “Berta” and its vines “Nebbiolo”, “Brachetto”, and “Barbera”, in bottles placed in fancy caskets. And there’s also the Piedmontese “Rionda” with different “Moscato’s” years. And so we have other brands like the “Sassicaia”, the “Ornellaia”, the “Tignanello” and the “Luce”; and we also have brands from other Italian regions (Sicily, Sardinia, Latium and Trento).


Among the aged Cognac proposals, the Wine Cellar has a selected and limited “Collection Ertè” from Courvoisieur, with original shaped glass bottles. The Cognac estimators can look for some rarities in a special and dedicated part of the store, where they’ll find the “A.E. Dor” Cognac aged 1898, one of the Wine Cellar’s button-hole; the “Family Reserve Hine” Cognac “Louis Royer”, aged 23 years; the “Delamain Grand Champagne Pale and Dry”, aged 1968 and 1971; the “Luigi XIII Remy Martin. We have also younger cognac brands and a precise assortment of Bas Armagnac Dartigalongue’s different ages, in rare wooden boxes.


The Wine Cellar offers a good proposal of Gin, with different price, among them the “N TEN” from the “TANQUERAY” distillery. It’s distilled five times instead of the usual four, and during the fifth one some fresh citrus fruits are added, like limes, oranges and grape-fruits. Everything is distilled in the alembic N.10 (capacity 400 litres instead of the usual 4000). Besides the store has other brands of Gin, like Gordon, Bombay Sapphire, Bosford, Beefeater and more.

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